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audio, 2 days after meeting!

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["Until we meet again" might come sooner than expected! Kaoru, despite his overwhelming paranoia and caution, holds an equal amount of curiosity and Hyoubu's definitely caught his eye. If anything, he'd like to get at least a few answers before cutting off contact (if he only knew what he was in for.)

After scrolling through the contact list for the given name, Kaoru will be leaving a message.]

Hyoubu-san? It's Kaoru. I wanted to extend a formal apology for the behavior of my ancestor the other day...
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gmail filters strike when u least expect...

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[DISCONCERTING. No one likes a stalker, Hyoubu!! (Moments when Kaoru should take his own advice...)

That said, while the enthusiasm isn't too surprising (still surprising just by virtue of Kaoru not really being used to people being that excited about someone else in general?!), the question is. Maybe it's just because Kaoru is 100% better at interacting with other people and Shuu is...

well, Shuu sure is Shuu.

A light laugh follows, gently amused.]

Is it that difficult to believe? Ah, but thank you for your graciousness, either way.
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[A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT, but one of those is something that Kaoru would prefer not to get into while the other is relatively common in a place like Cerealia.]

He's from a much earlier point in time than I am. For him, it's the era that I know as Sengoku. For myself, it's... [There's a bit of a pause here, since Kaoru has heard of what it's called in the future - which is where Hyoubu comes from, most likely, based on his mode of dress - but it takes a second for the name to come to mind.]

...Bakumatsu, I believe?
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Do you find that hard to believe as well, when we're in such an impossible situation in the first place?

[Gosh Hyoubu, expand those horizons!! But Kaoru sounds more amused than anything, either way.]
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[AH, SAFETY... If only Kaoru knew that there's anything to be concerned about at all.

There isn't much of a pause before that question gets an answer, though. It's not something Kaoru needs to think about.]

Home. While the modern conveniences here are numerous and certainly... well, convenient, for lack of a better word - it isn't home.

[Home is where the only person who matters better weapons army of the undead heart(?????) is, after all.]

Though I don't entirely mind this place, I can't say that I enjoy it, either.
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[There's a brief pause, but that's about the only thing that gives away Kaoru's discontentment with the question. He sure hasn't forgotten how freakishly astute Hyoubu had been, and if there's ever a good reason to tread cautiously, it's things like that.]

All homes have their drawbacks. [Because a straight "it's fine" would sound too suspicious, most likely, and Kaoru wants to shut down the possibility of further questions before they can start.]

Even so, the place that one grows up in almost always holds a special place in their heart. I find myself missing certain little details, places, people...
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[One small step for Kaoru, one giant leap for demonkind...

Though naturally, there's nothing in Kaoru's tone to indicate exactly what's felt about that statement one way or another. There may be a little hesitant curiosity present, maybe a little concern, but it's artfully presented and hardly stands out.]

Ah? Is there something that you dislike about humans, sir?
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[A brief stretch of silence follows, which Kaoru is hoping will be taken as discomfort rather than the surprise and near-immediate, silent agreement it is. It becomes a lot harder to play the neutral card when people say things that hold so true, after all.]

—Well. Definitions are often dictated by the majority, isn't that so?
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[A particularly astute observer (so, Hyoubu) may notice that Kaoru's gaze seems to flick toward the window a little before the tapping noise can be heard, sharp and focused.

Of course, the expression that follows soon after is only confused and surprised because gosh! What a shock!! Some guy appearing outside the window! Why does this keep happening, that's the most important question here...]

Hyoubu-san! [Which, likewise, can probably be heard through both the CereVice and the window itself. No move to actually open the window is made just yet, but Kaoru hesitantly shuffles in that direction, at least.]

What in the world are you doing?
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Outside of my window?

[NOT LOOKING TOO PLEASED... But Kaoru will step forward and unlatch the window anyway, pushing it open after shutting off the CereVice. It doesn't seem like a direct invitation for him to come inside just yet though, since Kaoru doesn't move to the side or anything.]

Carrying on a conversation over the phone would have worked just as well, sir.
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[Kaoru's mind is not a very lovely place at all... Though it seems to be relatively placid right now, with just a vague sort of disdain present and the question as to how Hyoubu found him at all. He's very careful about disclosing his location, after all, so there's some suspicion.

Which, of course, doesn't reflect in Kaoru's expression. It's a very well-honed mimicry of concern and confusion. One hand reaches out to rest against the lower window ledge; on the inside, there's a colorful box of flowers in shades of purple and blue.]

There isn't enough room for me to join you out there. [Because Kaoru hasn't quite made the connection here that Hyoubu can probably move other things too, and assumes he's talking about the very small outer window ledge.] But I suppose you could come in, if you'd like...
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[Authentic enough for it to indeed be a problem... One hand is held up in polite refusal.]

Then I'll have to stay indoors, I'm afraid. I don't do very well with heights, either...

[Which isn't true at all, but Kaoru can only assume being in the sky either means being carried or otherwise subjected to someone else's abilities. Neither of those sound like a good time, okay.]
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[At least he has some manners... But Kaoru definitely doesn't seem pleased about the sudden space invasion, even though Hyoubu had been invited in. Just come in like a normal person!! Or as normal as a person going through the window can be-!

There's also some strong displeasure present about having someone appear behind him that goes a little beyond regular paranoia, as Hyoubu will likely be able to tell. Though Kaoru manages to turn without flinching, it's clear that all guards are up, like it's instinctively expected that an attack will follow. When one doesn't come... well, Kaoru still seems pretty guarded, but that's pretty much the default State of Being™ for this punk.

A smile follows, fleeting and apologetic.]

...You'll forgive my reluctance, I hope? I'm certain that you're a perfectly fine gentleman, but such fears are difficult to overcome.

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