souredsweet: jackandtink (serenities)
Kaoru "soft murder aesthetic" Nagumo ([personal profile] souredsweet) wrote in [personal profile] espersions 2015-03-31 11:34 pm (UTC)

[This punk is just naturally freakishly paranoid pretty much 24/7... If there's no real reason to be paranoid, a reason is created through fixation even if nothing is there.

But Hyoubu isn't wrong in guessing that there are indeed several enemies from home here, even if they haven't been causing him much trouble... Okita Souji aside, of course - but Okita is always the exception. Kaoru's fingers thread together neatly, and the smile fades a little in response to that suggestion.]

It's kind of you to offer such a thing, sir... [Kaoru doesn't really understand it. People don't ever offer something for nothing; no one helps "just because". There's some sort of catch here that hasn't been found yet, and Kaoru doesn't particularly want to.]

Still, a little unpleasant behavior is nothing that I can't handle on my own. I should say that I've been lucky enough to avoid most of it in the first place, so it's fine.

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