souredsweet: jackandtink (tide out)
Kaoru "soft murder aesthetic" Nagumo ([personal profile] souredsweet) wrote in [personal profile] espersions 2015-03-28 02:17 am (UTC)

[At least he has some manners... But Kaoru definitely doesn't seem pleased about the sudden space invasion, even though Hyoubu had been invited in. Just come in like a normal person!! Or as normal as a person going through the window can be-!

There's also some strong displeasure present about having someone appear behind him that goes a little beyond regular paranoia, as Hyoubu will likely be able to tell. Though Kaoru manages to turn without flinching, it's clear that all guards are up, like it's instinctively expected that an attack will follow. When one doesn't come... well, Kaoru still seems pretty guarded, but that's pretty much the default State of Being™ for this punk.

A smile follows, fleeting and apologetic.]

...You'll forgive my reluctance, I hope? I'm certain that you're a perfectly fine gentleman, but such fears are difficult to overcome.

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