souredsweet: (i'll kick your dog's ass)
Kaoru "soft murder aesthetic" Nagumo ([personal profile] souredsweet) wrote in [personal profile] espersions 2015-03-19 03:44 am (UTC)

[There's a brief pause, but that's about the only thing that gives away Kaoru's discontentment with the question. He sure hasn't forgotten how freakishly astute Hyoubu had been, and if there's ever a good reason to tread cautiously, it's things like that.]

All homes have their drawbacks. [Because a straight "it's fine" would sound too suspicious, most likely, and Kaoru wants to shut down the possibility of further questions before they can start.]

Even so, the place that one grows up in almost always holds a special place in their heart. I find myself missing certain little details, places, people...

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