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You've got a very angry voice mail!

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[Oh dear, Andy did not sound happy]

Pick this fucking call up right now, you little ass weasel!!

[Not happy at all...]
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audio, 2 days after meeting!

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["Until we meet again" might come sooner than expected! Kaoru, despite his overwhelming paranoia and caution, holds an equal amount of curiosity and Hyoubu's definitely caught his eye. If anything, he'd like to get at least a few answers before cutting off contact (if he only knew what he was in for.)

After scrolling through the contact list for the given name, Kaoru will be leaving a message.]

Hyoubu-san? It's Kaoru. I wanted to extend a formal apology for the behavior of my ancestor the other day...
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[ A message pops up in your inbox from an anonymous source. How strange! If you don't delete it immediately, you'll be greeted with an audio message that's quiet, at first. In fact, it's quiet enough that just in time for you to turn it up, it starts to speak. It sounds suspiciously like Xerxes Break if you know him, but at the same time, there's a totally stupid voice being used, since it's not like Break would send this message along. Emily, though? Of course. She's such a gossip. ]

Had an x-ray done today. Guess what they found? It was you, safely tucked away in my heart! They said my heart is fine with a friend like you in it. Send this to all the people you love and care for, because if you don't, then something preeeetty bad might happen to them! Heart failure is pretty serious~! Kehehehehehe!!!

(( ooc note ; break is sending this to literally everyone in the game, so I'm sorry... Feel free to figure out he caused it, since it's not like he's trying that hard to hide it. ))
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Delivery; Dec 25

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[Somehow this package isn't a stink-bomb. And it's even been wrapped and has a card?!

I picked this out just for you! :)

[And almost crossed out...]
Kaoru's making dinner for all of us but you don't have to come if you don't want to, you pervert.

Inside is a nice, snug sweater and warm socks. It's a good change from what he normally wears though, right?]
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how much money do you still have in your bank account
i need it for a thing
[A very important thing.]

and dont think i didnt see you trying to get mary involved in your sick uniform play
you lolicon
leave her out of it
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[Kazuya was greeted with the disgustingly familiar sensation of nausea once the world decided to solidify again. Everything was a confusing mess, senses still not catching up with the rest of his body.

Teleporting. Teleporting had become horrendous lately.

While never being particularly skilled at it before, something in Cerealia was screwing with it to the point where he couldn't even go two feet without getting stuck in walls or accidentally detaching limbs. Needless to say those mishaps were the most traumatic ones and didn't really help with his current performance issues.

This time he cautiously opened his eyes once he was semi-certain that he wasn't going to barf and that he possessed all of his limbs. He was upside down in an unfamiliar room. He blinked groggily, staring up - or down? - and seeing that one leg was stuck in the ceiling, leaving him dangling like a disturbing human chandelier.


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[ mail; February 14; ]

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[When you open the door on Valentines Day, there's a bag at your door. If you look inside there will be chocolates. The note only says that it's from Kaoru and Shiho, and that it's for Hyoubu.

Reading the chocolates with psychometry will reveal feelings of obligation (Shiho, though she also wanted to do it) and something like sympathy (Kaoru, because Kyousuke must be lonely without Mio and Kazura to give him chocolates this year).]
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text, 9/20 ooc, 3/10 ic

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[ Morning after this! ]

i got it sir hyou major sama

it all makes sense

you're a tsundere

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text; 9/21 ooc, 3/10 evening ic

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[ Guess who's back, back again...

Ket's been thinking, you see. Following a highly informative conversation, he's had several hours of downtime between customers to really Think About Things.

ok sir hyou kyou

i got it for real

you're a tsundere but not from an otome because otome tsunderes are cute and you're a top tier angry fake coke of tsundere

i think fat was a figure of speech there tho, you're not fat and you only pretend to be angry because you're that kind of tsundere

you're not a raisin either but idk the raisin thing was confusing

i know everything is above the belt don't worry!! *(*´∀`*)☆
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IC: 4/7ish time

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((OOC: after this thread...))

[Somehow, Kazuya ended up at Hyoubu's apartment rather than his own after his "meeting" with Yu.

It was sort of strange - after departing from the hospital window, Kazuya simply started walking aimlessly. He didn't really want to go back to the apartment - he knew he'd just sit around and do nothing waiting for Minny to come back. He didn't really want to do that. He'd find it... disconcerting. It was weird, you'd think knowing your friends would return from death would be a comfort, rather than something distressing, but having Ket come back from that, perfectly fine, and imagining Minato coming back from being eaten alive, perfectly fine, it... didn't mesh. Well. At all.

So he walked. Aimlessly. Until he ended up standing at Hyou-Kyou's front door. Huh. He's never come in through this way before.

"Ah. Him. The snoop."

Probably a bad idea. He forgot that Bel hated Hyou-Kyou's guts.

He half-turned away. Hesitated. Turned back. Bel said nothing, merely waiting with something like malicious anticipation. It was a disturbing feeling, to have the demon go from some background entity to something almost physically looming over him. He felt like he could see something in the corner of his eye, or feel a presence hunched over him, almost suffocatingly. Nothing was ever there when he looked though. Why was he even like this now? The change was alarming-

"Because you desire me to be here, Abel. A subconscious one, but a desire all the same..."

Kazuya hurriedly knocked on the door before Bel could continue, very loudly, concentrating on how the noise thrummed in the air and how his knuckles stung. Bel didn't continue, seemed to retreat in fact. Good. Okay. Let's go with that]

Hey! Hyou-Kyou! You in here!?
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action; 3/31 backdated forever

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[ Ket actually got back the previous day, but seeing as that was full of confusion and binary, he chose to stay in his apartment. But today is a time for new beginnings: the sun is shining, the air is fresh, and furniture is... still slightly fuzzy, but no longer in code form. His CereVice is still spouting 1s and 0s, but Ket doesn't need a telelinker to get around the city.

So now, on this wonderful afternoon, there's (1) Private Oblivious peering in through the windows of the main fire station building, flitting from pane to pane in search of his beloved not-parent. Hyou-Kyou does work here, right? And no, Ket can't just walk into the building like a normal person. That would be disturbing the peace!
Edited (continuity zz) 2015-11-16 09:44 (UTC)
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[text;] before the hole in the wall opened up

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i'm going on a journey of self-discovery. don't bother looking for me.

don't worry, i'll definitely come back.
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Post-Ghost Event

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Dun, dun, dun dun dun, dun, dun dun...

[Yes, Kazuya was indeed singing that famous song from a certain spy film as he stealthily slipped into Hyoubu's apartment through the window. He wasn't worried about getting caught. Not from overconfidence, but because he was fairly certain that Hyoubu was aware he was already in the apartment with his weird esper powers. By that logic, he could've just knocked on the front door, but... he tried that with Kevin and got accused of being an imposter ghost, so]

I'm in. Mission accomplished. [He brushed himself up as he straightened up, peering about the apartment. Hmmm...] Now where is he...? Maybe I actually caught him unawares?
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Text; 8/5 IC

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Are you busy right now, Major? I was wondering if you could help me with something.

[And just what could this be that has Minato calling out of the blue?]
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[ video; ] 1/?

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[She had gone to sleep feeling uneasy. It wasn't a new feeling but it never boded well. She tried to dismiss it...with limited success, really. It didn't help that more than one person she knew hadn't answered when she called them.

--then she had woken up, sometime late at night with a jerk, breathing heavily, Hyoubu's name ripped from her like a scream.

She'd thrown off her blankets and went to grabe her Cerevice.]

Kyousuke! Can you pick up?
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action; late into memory event!

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[Kaz isn't quite sure why he ended up outside Hyoubu's apartment - he was perched on the windowsill, tapping his fingers against the edge of the window he just pushed open, hesitant to simply hop in like he usually did. This was just supposed to be a walk, after all, to stretch his legs and hopefully try to outrun the creepy ghost-fox dogging his heels. Instead he just gravitated here.

It was probably because Hyoubu had, somehow, become a comforting presence, even if it wasn't one he met regularly - and one that ambushed him in the bathroom at fucking three in the morning and scared the shit out of him.

(Yeah, he was still sore about that!)]

Uuuugh... I probably shouldn't bother him. He'll probably grouch or complain or something.

[Despite muttering this, Kaz... hopped inside the apartment. He paused to sniff the air suspiciously, just in case Hyoubu was lying in wait to prank him (again), breathing in deeply. Only problem was, this being the guy's apartment, his scent was everywhere. Not that it'd stop him detecting his presence if he was close, because Hyoubu's scent was strong and unique whenever he was close, but it'd mask his presence long enough for him to get close and, he didn't know, wedgie him, or whatever.

From the corner of his eye, he could see the fox scurrying over the edge of the windowsill after him. Blast]