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Am I okay? Okay?? Of course I'm not okay, you little-!

[He swallowed his next words, because as satisfying as it would be to fling out the colourful string of curses he so desperately wanted to shriek down Hyoubu's ear, he needed to get down to business before Hyoubu got bored and hung up. He let out a noise better suited to an aggravated tiger, all growls and snarls, before hissing out;]

What made you think you could post that?! In public?!
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It's got my ass out in all of its naked glory!

[And that was what was chafing him so badly. If it was him fully dressed, or even topless, in some weird or compromising position, he wouldn't really be bothered. Annoyed, yes, put up a bit of a fuss too, but this... this...]

Why wouldn't I be upset by it?! I don't want strangers to see that!
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[There was a pause where Andy had to take a deep calming breath, his hand clenched so hard he could feel his fingernails cutting into his palm. When he saw Hyoubu, he was going to deck him]

Well, obviously you thought wrong. [there was a pause, another deep breath. Hyoubu had obviously crossed some sort of line with him] I'm seriously just- I can't believe you at all.
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[It was at that point that Andy's temper promptly imploded]

This is not a joke.

[He all but snarled this down the line, his fingers twitching as if overcome with the urge to throttle Hyoubu there and then. Maybe if the esper had been in front of him, he probably would've given into the urge. He could shrug off most jokes Hyoubu pulled on him, after all, he had thick skin and nothing the esper did was really that cruel. Irritating and embarrassing, maybe, but not cruel.

But this? This was toeing the line. This was humiliating on a visceral level, and not even the generous ratings were enough to soften the blow of it. He didn't want strangers to rate his naked ass on a public network! He didn't want anyone to see his naked ass, period! He barely tolerated Hyoubu's mischievous excursions into the bathroom when he was showering! Ugh, he was such an idiot! He knew he shouldn't've trusted Hyoubu to this extent, but he thought the esper would have known where the fucking line was!]
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[Andy reacted without thinking.

The second Hyoubu began talking, he flung his Cerevice at the esper with every ounce of strength he possessed, not caring if it broke or Hyoubu spirited it away somewhere. He just didn't care. He didn't even bother to stick around to see if his mad throw connected. The second his Cerevice left his hand, he stormed off in a complete huff, hissing out filthy obscenities under his breath]

-fucking little... doesn't know when to piss off...
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[Andy growled something unintelligible, gritting his teeth so hard he felt pain spark at his temples, stomping away a little bit faster even if he knew it to be futile. Even if Andy decided to break into the fastest sprint he could manage, Hyoubu would keep up with him, if only to drive him into a rage-induced psychotic break.

Abruptly he stopped, breathing harshly, before spinning around and giving Hyoubu a look of utter disgust]

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[Andy stared hard at him for a long moment]

So you do know how to apologise.

[It was impossible to gauge his mental state at that point. It was as if a metal wall had come crashing down, all surface thoughts gone, his expression completely unreadable, with the exception of that hard stare that looked down at Hyoubu as if the esper was found wanting]
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Don't bother. People have already said they'd repost it if it was.

[But his cold stare seemed to thaw a little at that, so, small victories. There was a tense pause, before he suddenly sighed, his shoulders lowering from where they had been held tensely, his eyes closing as if exhausted]

Just... forget it.
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[Andy stared at the Cerevice for a moment before silently taking it. He was still furious, would probably be angry for several days before it cooled off into irritation, but he wasn't going to reject Hyoubu's attempts at maintaining the peace]

It better be one where I have clothes on.
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[Andy's stare was nothing but wary]

... I'm hoping you don't collect pictures of me at all, to be honest.
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[Andy felt his eyebrow twitch, feeling very weird about the thought of Hyoubu possessing... that...]

You better be kidding about that!

[Creepy old man, he added mentally, making sure to bury it deeeeeeep down where CERTAIN PEOPLE wouldn't snoop]