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Applicant Info

◎ Name: Beren
◎ Journal: pm this one
◎ Contact: [ profile] tinuvielberen

Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Hyoubu Kyousuke
◎ Character's Canon: Zettai Karen Children
◎ Character's Age: 80+
◎ Canon Point: Chapter 294, here, after being teleported into the void.
◎ Background/History: here
◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense? He overwrote all the files pertaining to himself in a secure government facility, but that was principally via sneaking in physically and exploiting (his own sister's) terrible security protocols. Therefore, I'd say he has modest hacking ability.

He has esp so yes to the sixth sense.

◎ Personality:

Hyoubu Kyousuke's public persona is that of an unrepentant murderer and criminal mastermind. He heads a terrorist organization, code-named PANDRA, composed entirely of people with paranormal abilities ("espers"). Its purpose is to stop the oppression of espers by Normals, with the ultimate goal of killing every Normal on earth.

He pursues this goal with playful, sadistic glee. The screams of his enemies amuse him. He toys with people, while he looks on with his hands stuffed in his pockets, smirking. He’s childish, fickle and whimsical, with a hair-trigger temper. “For fun” is sufficient reason to do anything. He once gave a suitcase full of cash, to a (Normal) flower girl, because her face reminded him of someone. He sold arms to a terrorist organization, then turned around and slaughtered them all, for the crime of “disturbing his mood.” He’s a hypocrite, with no compunction about criticizing others for failings he has in abundance.

His henchpersons (whom he calls “family”) know a different side of him. He spends his considerable resources rescuing abused and abandoned esper children, often at great personal risk. A large population of them lives on his ship; they adore him. Indeed, all of his top-level PANDRA associates were children he personally rescued and raised. He even has a soft spot for esper animals, including dolphins and a cybernetically-enhanced flying squirrel.

The truth is that Hyoubu Kyousuke was once a gentle soul, idealistic and kind. He tried his hardest to avoid unnecessary slaughter even when he was a child soldier in the Japanese army, fighting in (the ZKC-universe version of) WWII. He lost part of his innocence when the first of his comrades was killed in battle, and all of it when his unit captain executed him.

When Kyousuke was a small child, his father beat him and told him never to use his abilities. “You’ll be killed or used as a tool,” his father warned him. He ignored his dead father’s advice because his captain told him that his abilities were a “gift from god,” and he could use them to change the world and make it a better place. He loved his captain like a father, and thought he was loved in turn.

It was a lie. His captain called him a monster just before shooting him. And so Hyoubu Kyousuke bears the guilt that he ignored his father’s commandments and followed his own way. He also suffers a child’s hurt and bewilderment at being betrayed by someone he loved. He recovered from death, but not from that. He’s frozen in time, obsessed with the past; and because he never lives in the present, he’s unable to move forward. He has arrested his aging (he’s over 80 years old), to keep the child’s body that he’d had that day, and always wears a black school uniform, because it’s what he’d once borrowed as improvised mourning garb, for the funerals of his fallen brothers in arms.

Also like a child, he is afraid. His hatred of Normals is a protective mantle; he clings to it, for fear that he will be betrayed again. Over the course of the series, he has an evolving relationship with a Normal man called Minamoto, who is his enemy in multiple ways. He’s happiest when Minamoto is shouting at him, and unhappiest when Minamoto thanks him or otherwise treats him like a fellow human being. On one occasion, he goes to great lengths to save Minamoto’s life — and makes sure to taunt him constantly the whole time, whilst insisting that he’s simply looking after his own interests: “I’m not here to save you. I’m just here to pick up my squirrel.”

Hyoubu is a self-confessed criminal, unrepentant and unredeemable. When there's dirty work to be done, he's the one to do it. In fact, he makes sure of this, going into such situations alone, regardless of the danger. Because he lost his own, innocence in others is something he fights to protect. He comforts a child (who is facing her possible death) by promising that she will live happily ever after, “just like a fairy tale.” He is, in his own mind, the monster who destroys the monsters; he takes upon himself the darkness that makes it possible for there to be light.

◎ Powers/Abilities:

- Hypnosis - the ability to create realistic illusions, and in so doing control or influence a person's actions. Resisting hypnosis is possible in people with strong willpower; but even then it's difficult to throw off the effects completely. Hypnosis is particularly effective on people with strong negative emotions, or when a person is shown what they want to see. Hypnotic scenarios can be nested (GO DEEPER).
- Telekinesis - the ability to move objects psychically. This is his original, and most highly-developed power. He is able to manipulate objects as small as his own telomeres (by which he avoids aging) or as large as a building. He can also lift himself, which means he can fly.
- Pyrokinesis - great balls of fire.
- Bodily control (including telekinetic healing) - he can control most of his bodily functions, even unconsciously. This is probably how he managed to walk off a gsw to the head.
- Telepathy - good old mind reading. He can typically only pull off surface thoughts, but he can do this quite readily even at a distance. Line of sight is probably important, as we see him creeping on people by floating outside their windows. He can have a private telepathic conversation with a non-telepath via touch.
- Electrokinesis - shocking.

He also has the ability to absorb the powers of other espers. This seems only to be possible if he had a strong emotional connection to the esper and they died in front of him.

◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:
A steeple


◎ Element: Air, because he spends most of his time floating high, looking down and stalking people. He also describes himself as a ghost, and is never really quite present in the here and now, which makes him somewhat ethereal and airy.
◎ Sense: Sight, because again. Stalking.
◎ Seven Character Traits: (self-loathing, fearful, emotionally arrested) | (kind, playful, self-sacrificial) + cunning

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