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Hyoubu here is a special snowflake whose powers include telepathy and creating Inception-esque nested hypnotic illusions. Please let me know (in the comments or pm) whether Hyoubu can use either telepathy or hypnosis on your character, and limits on that if any.


Backtagging: yes
Threadhopping: god yes
Fourthwalling: this canon is so meta it hurts (yes)
Offensive subjects (elaborate): nada


Flirting with this character: yes (he'll tsun)
Hugging this character: yes (he'll really tsun)
Kissing this character: yes (tsun level unlimited)
Fighting with this character: yes, but talk to me first simply because he's just so annoyingly overpowered.
Injuring this character: yes, but talk to me first as above
Killing this character: no.
Using telepathy on this character: canon has it that as a strong esper he's able to mask his thoughts, but if your character has god-tier skills, it's probably okay.

Hyoubu's powers in detail:

- Hypnosis - the ability to create realistic illusions, and in so doing control or influence a person's actions. Resisting hypnosis is possible in people with strong willpower; but even then it's difficult to throw off the effects completely. Hypnosis is particularly effective on people with strong negative emotions, or when a person is shown what they want to see. Hypnotic scenarios can be nested (GO DEEPER).

- Telepathy - good old mind reading. He can typically only pull off surface thoughts, but he can do this quite readily even at a distance. Line of sight is probably important, as we see him creeping on people by floating outside their windows. He can have a private telepathic conversation with a non-telepath via touch. In rp, that means he'd be able to "read" what is in bracket text.
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Feel free to mindread! I would also be down for hypnosis shenanigans with plotting.
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no limits on telepathy, lmk if you need more detail in the brackets. drop me a heads up for hypnosis plotting, I'll 90% likely be down for anything, let the fun times ensue!
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In case it ever comes up:

Hypnosis: I'd say it's a lot less effective on Minato since he has really strong willpower, depending on what Hyoubu is attempting with hypno. Down for plotting if anything comes up!

Telepathy: Go ahead, just be aware that like Ket Minato's a lot more blunt in his head and he only happens to have an excellent brain-to-mouth filter. :V
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Hypnosis: That would be interesting to play out! Grell wouldn't be fooled by it after a while, and she's pretty strong willed.

Telepathy: does he need to look into someone's eyes for mind reading? Is that how it works?
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Feel free to mindread under appropriate conditions!
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I'll answer for Rei Hino/Sailor Mars now, and Yuna later, for the sake of our thread.

Hypnosis: I'm going to say no on this. Rei's canonically resistant, and Mars is all but immune.

Telepathy: This is a definite no. Rei and Mars both have nearly impenetrable mental defenses, thanks to the Sailor Crystal and her own psychic abilities. Attempts to read her mind will basically hit a mental "wall" and in all likelihood it can be sensed. If there's a reason for a telepathic conversation, a channel can be opened up though. With reason, she'll answer the psychic phone call, as it were.